Jan 31 2008

New touring bike

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A couple of weeks ago I received my new touring bike: a Thorn Nomad.

In the Cotswolds with the Thorn Nomad
In the Cotswolds with the Thorn Nomad

Compared to my previous touring bike (Cannondale T800) it’s heavy and slow but it feels much sturdier. The rear rack is guaranteed to 60kg (25kg only on the T800!) and the bike itself handles like a big lorry, which is A Good Thing when you carry a lot of stuff. It comes with a Rohloff hub gear for easy maintenance (provided the hub doesn’t fail!) and S&S couplings to split the frame in two for easier transportation. I also added a Schmidt dynamo hub to use with this German Dynalader AA/USB charger to recharge batteries when cycling!

Update 02/2008: the Dynalader charger doesn’t work properly. I found a possibly better solution with a product called TuneCharger. Unfortunately it requires a bit of soldering and things can get rather hot when going downhill… I’ll give another update after more testing.

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