Apr 19 2008

How to send me SMS texts for free

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I’ve created an account called frogonabike on twitter to be able to send and receive SMS updates on the road.

I’ll still have to pay from 29 to 49 pence (outside Europe) to send texts but I can receive them for free wherever I am, and with twitter you can also send me texts for free.

You’ll need to create a new account on twitter.com (you can ignore the “invite” screen after signing up) and then to send me a direct message, just type in the “What are you doing?” form:

d frogonabike YOUR MESSAGE

and twitter should tell you that it has sent a direct message to frogonabike.

To send more texts, just prepend all your messages with “d frogonabike”

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee a direct reply by SMS but I’ll try to keep in touch by email!

Update: I just realised that twitter won’t send SMS updates from accounts that I am not “following”. So if you send me a twitter message and I’m not following you already, I won’t get it until I can connect on the net and update my twitter account.

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