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Uzhgorod in Ukraine
Uzhgorod in Ukraine

After 2 days in Uzhgorod (Ужгород) doing various admin tasks (posting some excess luggage back home, buying a local SIM card, replying to emails, etc…) and also visiting a bit I am now ready to cycle into the Transcarpathian mountains. It will probably be my last mountain range for a while. After this I’m heading towards Odessa, carefully avoiding Moldavia and especially Transnistria, well known for the corruption of its border guards.

The crossing into Ukraine from Slovakia didn’t go as smoothly as I expected as I was told by the Slovak guards that the Uzhgorod crossing was only open to motor vehicles and that I should go 50km South to cross in a small village barely visible on my 1:200k map. After a bit of talking (and lots of gesturing) they asked a passing bus driver to take me and my bike to the other side and I ended up with a free 5km ride into the centre of Uzhgorod.

Uzhgorod itself is quite nice and a very relaxed place!

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