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May 18 2008

Another frog on a bike

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Olivier, another frog on a bike
Olivier, another frog on a bike

This morning I was replacing my bike chain on the side of the busy road to Nikolaiev (Николаев) when a recumbent bike stopped behind me. Another traveler! And what a coincidence, a French one too! Olivier also started his trip 4 weeks ago but he went through Romania instead of Slovakia. He’s also heading towards Almaty in Kazakhstan and maybe China if the visa situation improves (doubtful). We’re going to cycle together for a few days and maybe meet later in Kazakhstan as the validity dates of our Russian visas do not match and he must stay at least another 2 weeks in Ukraine.

Traveling with Olivier and his recumbent bike makes me totally anonymous again. His bike attracts tons of attention and for some reason makes all the kids laugh. The circus comes to town!

Later that day we also met 2 Danish guys on a 3 weeks tour of Ukraine. This road along the Black Sea seems to be very popular with cycle tourists! (Show on Google Maps)

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