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May 24 2008

The end of Ukraine

I am staying in a hotel in Novoazovsk (Новоазовск) for my last night in Ukraine. Only 10km left to the Russian border! (Show on Google Maps) Ukraine had a few surprises for me: I had imagined a country not too different from the Czech republic or Slovakia and I wasn’t prepared for the terrible roads in the North-West and the hills along the Moldovan border. On the other hand the incident with the Militsia in Odessa was a textbook experience which fortunately ended well. In villages ordinary people give you the evil look but are actually very friendly and helpful if you take the time to stop and explain who you are and what you are doing. After Odessa it was great to meet Olivier. He has a great personnality and it’s a shame we can’t carry on together because of the Russian red tape. Olivier also has a blog (in French) at

I am now on the road that the Paris-Pekin 2008 expedition followed last month and I’m not surprised anymore when people ask me if I’m French and cycling to China. A bit too late to catch them up!

I’m entering Russia Sunday and my first priorities will be to find a cashpoint and a local SIM card. The latter will probably have to wait until I reach Rostov on Monday. In Rostov I will meet the other Olivier who had a bag containing his tent and clothes stolen last week in Ukraine when he was in an internet cafe. He managed to buy some replacements in Ukraine and he’s back on the road! His adventures can be followed on his blog (French again!)

I have updated the 3 galleries in the Ukraine photo album:

South Ukraine - Odessa to Mariupol - May 2008

Along the South coast of Ukraine, from Odessa towards Rostov


Odessa - May 2008

Ukraine - May 2008

Ukraine from the bicycle

I know have 20 days in Russia to reach the Kazakh border near Asktrakhan.

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